Actress Reese Witherspoon has been a Hollywood star since the early ’90s — and, frankly, she looks just as stunning today as she did when she was her 20s! Though the actress has never admitted to getting work done, many of her fans have wondered if the 41-year-old has turned to plastic surgery to help maintain her youthful look over the years.

So, Closer Weekly exclusively spoke to several plastic surgeons to get their take on Reese’s beyond gorgeous appearance! “Truthfully, I don’t see anything noticeable at all. She may have possibly had a small rhinoplasty because her nose is a bit thinner,” Dr. Andrew Miller revealed. Dr. Vartan Mardirossian agreed that Reese “looks very natural” and may simply have a great skincare routine. “[She could have gotten] Botox in her forehead and may have had fillers in her cheeks,” he added. According to Dr. Adam Hamawy, “Reese looks like she has a little Botox on board, but who hasn’t?”

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Reese in 1993 (left) and 2017 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

In the past, the Legally Blonde star has admitted she isn’t totally against getting a little work done in the future. “I’m not for it. I’m not against it. I have plenty of friends who do stuff and if it makes you feel good, great. But I don’t think it’s the fix for some sort of unease that you’re having about who you are as a human being. I don’t think I need plastic surgery at this point. Can we just go day-by-day on that one?” she said in a previous interview with Glamour UK.

However, it seems Reese’s youthful appearance is actually just due to her amazing (and easy!) skincare routine. “Skincare and sun protection are the biggest things for me,” the actress once said. “I don’t want my life to be ruled by products but I am an advocate of sunscreen, and I wear lots of Clarins. When I was younger, the thing I wish I’d heard was, ‘Wear more sunscreen,'” Reese stated in the past.

The Walk the Line star — she won as Oscar for playing June Carter Cash back in 2006! — has admitted the one beauty secret she swears by is using chlorophyll to combat breakouts. “If I start to get blemishes, I add chlorophyll to my water and my skin clears up in three days,” she admitted in a previous interview with InStyle. Overall, Reese likes to keep her skincare routine “quick and easy” so she can “be up and out in five minutes!” She has said, “I’m lucky to have other people who worry about how I look. That’s pretty nice!”