Food Network star Ree Drummond took her messy closet from drab to fab in a new video posted on her Instagram page.

The Pioneer Woman maven shared a video on Instagram on Monday, July 8, while walking through the closet in her new Oklahoma home. At the start, the closet was rather messy, as clothes were thrown all over the floor and piled up on the dresser.

In the caption of the post, Ree admitted that her busy schedule was the cause of some of the clutter in the massive room.

“All I can tell you is: two week trip to L.A. in April, lots of busy catch-up work + college kids home in May, a short-lived trip to Colorado + filming my show in June, then trying to figure out what to wear on the Fourth was the final nail in the coffin,” she captioned the post. “Thank goodness it was a long weekend and I could get things back to normal— though, one could argue, maybe the ‘before’ is normal? 🤔 (Sorry about the bra, Mom!!! 😂)”

Even still, there’s no denying that the closet is absolutely stunning, with its crystal chandeliers, blue cabinets and shelves and perfectly chosen wallpaper. In the comments section of the post, many people related to Ree’s messiness.

Ree Drummond Shares Look at Messy Closet in New Oklahoma Home
Courtesy of Ree Drummond/Instagram (2)

“We all have been there done that!!!” one person wrote, while another said, “As someone who’s followed you long enough to know your life wasn’t always so perfect and glamorous, I think it’s absolutely wonderful to celebrate and show off your beautiful closet! It’s stunning! How do you ever pick what to wear???”

The celebrity chef has tons of outfit options to choose from in her closet, as well as plenty of pairs of shoes, purses and hats to accessorize her looks. After cleaning up the closet, fans fell in love with the decor even more but also pointed out one extremely convenient detail in the space.

“Waittt do you have a washer and dryer in your closet???? Something I didn’t think I would ever need,” one comment read, while another echoed, “Wow plus is that a washing machine I spy in the dressing room? Genius.”

Ree Drummond Closet
Courtesy of Ree Drummond/Instagram

It’s been quite an exciting few months for Ree, as she recently revealed that her eldest daughter, Alex Drummond Scott, is expecting her first child with husband Mauricio Scott.

“My first baby is having her first baby,” the grandma-to-be wrote on her Pioneer Woman blog on June 23. “My child is going to have a child. It’s surreal, and I’m sure all of you grandparents can relate to the feeling of momentarily leaving your body after hearing upon hearing similar news.”

Ree and her husband, Ladd Drummond, cannot wait to be grandparents, but admitted there will be a learning curve.

“We have no idea what being grandparents will look like or how much it will change our lives,” she continued. “I will probably watch less Bravo, maybe? (Maybe not.) Can grandmothers have long hair? Can grandfathers look sexy in Wranglers? How long before the baby can ride a horse? How many pairs of baby cowboy boots are too many? Do I suggest names or do I keep my dumb ideas to myself? Can grandmothers wear skinny jeans? Can I move in with Alex and Mauricio for the next three years?”