Her children may be living far from home, but Ree Drummond has no problem dishing tips and tricks when it comes to cooking. The Pioneer Woman revealed her two eldest daughters, 22-year-old Alex and 20-year-old Paige, always know their mom is just a phone call away when they have questions related to food.

“Alex did not like to cook at all,” Ree, 51, shared with Us Weekly at an event on Tuesday, February 18, noting she didn’t necessarily give her kids a cooking lesson before they became full-time college students. “If I were a good mother, I would’ve done that!” she joked.

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The Christmas Cookie Challenge star said although Alex “always loved to eat,” she never really showed “any interest” in cooking. “So I just took my cues from that,” the culinary professional added of her eldest child, who has since graduated college and is currently working and living in an apartment in Dallas.

Despite living on her own, Ree said her little girl still calls “a lot” whenever she has any questions related to cooking. “She made brisket and it was really tough,” the red-haired beauty sweetly explained. “I said, ‘Well, put it back in the oven and keep going until the fork can pull it apart.’ It’s fun, because she’s figuring it out. She has a built-in app in me.”

The Charlie the Ranch Dog author — who is also the proud mom of sons Bryce, 17, and Todd, 16, with longtime husband Ladd Drummond — added, “She can just call me if she has a question. She doesn’t have to search the internet.”

Since Ree’s kids are learning to perfect their culinary skills, the doting mom dished they’re much more inclined to help out in the kitchen whenever they pay a visit home. “[Paige is] really good at making a charcuterie board or little things to nibble on,” the Food Network star explained. “She gets bored very easily, so she wants to be doing things. She does it in the kitchen, which is great!”

Even though Ree and her daughters miss being together all the time, the beloved TV personality revealed how she’s serving as a reminder that her kids will never be too far from home. “I gave [Alex] Pioneer Woman cookware,” she adorably shared.
“I just sent her a care package. It was a Pioneer Woman knife and Pioneer Woman cookware and all these fun things.”