A family affair! The September 26 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show ended up being a family reunion of sorts as Kelly Clarkson was joined by Reba McEntire, the mother of the “Piece by Piece” singer’s husband, Brandon Blackstock.

“This is so weird, because when you’re friends and family with someone and you have them on you’re show it’s awkward,” she started off the segment saying. “I ended up marrying her oldest son and you got stuck with me — more!”

To that, Reba had just two words: “Thank goodness.”

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This doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Kelly has Reba’s seal of approval — after all, they’re super tight.

“Out of all the fun we’ve had, I always have my little moments with you because I know we’re friends and family, but you’re always, like, that hero to me — especially musically. Like, you’re just a beast, like, a pioneer for women. It’s insane,” Kelly gushed. “Not just musically. I think what’s amazing about your career is you’re a businesswoman, you’ve conquered Broadway, you’ve conquered TV [and] you’ve conquered movies. You’ve done everything you could possibly want to do.”

Given that heap of praise, the “Whole Lotta Woman” singer had just one question for Reba: “What is the next mountain? Because you’ve already mastered everything.”

Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'
Adam Christensen/NBCUniversal

“Well, I haven’t mastered or conquered anything, I want y’all to know. I’ve just gotten to participate. People were nice enough to let me be a part of,” the “Fancy” singer replied. “I tell you what I’d really love to do. I want to do an authentic Western movie, or a television show.”

Kelly, for one, was absolutely thrilled about the idea. “People would love that,” she noted, going on to say that there are so many platforms that could bring her idea to life. “We can make this happen.”

Elsewhere during the episode, Kelly brought Reba out to surprise a mega-fan. The audience member opened up about her mom, who was given two years to live after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer four years ago. We’re not mathematicians over here, but it sounds like she is one heck of a fighter.