Country music star Reba McEntire “doesn’t like to get involved” in anyone’s relationship, but she knew her former stepson Brandon Blackstock‘s marriage to Kelly Clarkson wasn’t going to last, a source exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “She knows it’s hard enough working on your own relationship, but she saw this Kelly and Brandon split coming from a mile away.” However, the Reba star was very “supportive” of their decision.

The “Mr. Know It All” singer and Reba have a strong relationship, but “[Kelly] didn’t really go to her mother-in-law” for tips on being a wife, the source adds. However, a few years ago, the three-time Grammy award winner did give Kelly some “unsolicited advice” about marriage.

Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire

Since Reba was wed to Brandon’s father, Narvel Blackstock, for 26 years, she knew a few things about the TV producer’s family. So she “warned” Kelly about her “over the top personality, her busy work schedules and having to always be the center of attention,” the insider reveals. “As everyone knows, Kelly has the ability to take over a room, and Brandon is pretty reserved.” The “Fancy” singer gave her daughter-in-law the tough love “as gently as she could,” the insider says.

On June 4, the American Idol alum filed for divorce from the Texas native after nearly seven years of marriage and cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason they’re separating. The pair share their two children — River, 6, and Remington, 4 — and even though they both love their kids, Kelly and Brandon just “grew apart,” the insider notes. “Everyone wanted it to work, but they’re very different people.”

Shortly after Kelly and Brandon called it quits, the Voice judge broke the news to Reba because she has a lot of “respect” for her. “Of course Reba was crushed. Reba is supportive of both Brandon and Kelly’s decision to spit up,” the source says. “She’s anguished about it, but she’s not one to judge. Reba wished Kelly the best.”

At the end of the day, the Nashville, Tennessee, native knows that Kelly “will be fine” because of her “strong personality,” but “she wanted to leave the conversation on a lighter note, so she told her to go write some songs about love and heartbreak,” the insider says.

Hearing that made Kelly laugh and the songwriter said she “would” definitely do it. Although it’s a “very sad time” for the Kelly Clarkson Show host and her family, she knew breaking up with Brandon was “the right thing to do,” the source says, adding, “she’s actually looking forward to the future.”