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Ray Romano Is an ‘Involved’ Dad of 4 Kids! Meet Alexandra, Gregory, Matthew and Joseph

On TV, Ray Romano portrayed the role of a sports writer and family man who deals with the ups and downs of life on Everybody Loves Raymond. But in reality, the TV star and comedian is an even more loving dad to his actual kids, Alexandra, Gregory, Matthew and Joseph.

Though Ray’s character in the series was a beloved protagonist, he doesn’t “really” compare what he’s like on the show to his parenting skills in real life. “You don’t see Ray Barone’s kids that much,” he told Parents in 2005. “I’m a lot more involved with my children.”

The famous screenwriter shares his kids with his longtime wife, Anna Romano. After tying the knot in 1987, the Ice Age alum and the Because She’s Worth It actress welcomed their eldest, Alexandra, in 1990, followed by their twins, Gregory and Matthew, in 1993. They later completed their family when son Joseph arrived in 1998.

Family has always been the most important thing in Ray’s life, and the actor paid tribute to his brood on Everybody Loves Raymond. Not only was his TV daughter Ally named after his actual kiddo, but his character also had twins, one of which was given the moniker Gregory. This has become a theme for Ray, who told Parents “about 70 percent of the stories come from things that [have actually] happened” in his family.

As his children have grown up, Alexandra, Gregory, Matthew and Joseph have all pursued their own careers. But when they were little, Ray “worried” about whether or not they would get jealous of their TV counterparts. “I don’t see it outwardly,” he told Parents. “I constantly think, ‘What am I doing to my kids?’ I can sense when they want me to pay more attention to them.”

Fortunately, Ray has always tried to make his children “feel included.” At the time he was starring on Everybody Loves Raymond, which ran for nine seasons from 1996 to 2005, he would bring his kids to the set so they could spend time with their dad. “One of them comes to show night each week and takes a bow when I do my intros,” he explained.

Throughout the years, Alexandra, Gregory, Matthew and Joseph have even had very small parts on their father’s hit TV show. “They have cameos from time to time,” he shared with Parents. “Like if there’s a scene involving a school play, one of them might be one of the kids on stage.”

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