It was revealed Monday that ailing radio personality Casey Kasem is missing, having been removed from his last known care facility. The 82-year-old’s children are desperately searching for answers.

A judge ordered an investigation into Casey’s whereabouts, though the Scooby Doo star, who suffers from advance Parkinson’s disease, is believed to have been moved by his wife, Jean Kasem.

An attorney for Jean, Craig Marcus, admitted in court he had no idea where the “Top 40” host was but knew he had been taken out of the country. The judge and two of Casey’s daughters from a previous marriage were shocked by the news.

casey kasem

Kasem with wife Jean in 2007

The voice actor’s children have complained that their stepmother has kept them away from their father despite working out a previous visitation agreement. The judge has asked a court-appointed attorney to report back on Casey’s location as soon as possible.

As of Monday, Kerri Kasem was appointed as her father’s temporary caretaker after seeking temporary conservatorship. In this role, she will have access to her father’s medical records and other reports previously sealed by the court.

“We’ve been troubled for a long time,” Kerri said after the hearing, claiming the entertainer has been moved repeatedly without warning. “Justice has been served today.”