Fashionista Rachel Zoe is giving her kids room to grow — and that means letting them be their own person. In a world where many boys style their hair short and girls wear it long, Rachel, 48, admits she doesn’t try to tell her son, Kaius Berman, 5, to cut his shoulder-length hair because at the end of the day, he likes it that way.

“For the record, my son thinks he has cool surfer hair,” the mom of two recently revealed to People. “It’s not like I’m torturing him. He loves his hair. He thinks it’s cool.”

Rachel shares Kaius and 8-year-old son Skyler Berman with her husband, Rodger Berman. As a proud mom, she likes to share photos of her family on social media — but lately it’s been harder for Rachel to do so because haters keep commenting about her kids’ long locks.

“A few days ago, someone said something [on Instagram] like, ‘You know, Rachel, I think at this point your kids are old enough to where they’re going to start being made fun of for their long hair. You should really cut it and be nice to your sons,’” she recalled them saying. “I responded with, ‘Please unfollow me.’”

To this day, Rachel says she still “can’t wrap her head around” the concept of online bullying. “I think anyone who takes the time to insult someone’s child is pretty much a horrific human being,” she said, but ultimately the fashion designer won’t take her kids off of social media for good.

“My kids and my work are my life,” Rachel explained. “If you don’t see my kids, I’m not sharing a huge part of my life with my followers. I’m pretty obsessed with them.”

Don’t worry, Rachel — you and your husband are both great parents. Keep on letting them show their individuality!