It’s been 65 years since Queen Elizabeth first took the throne, and although she’s 92 years old today, she’s still keeping the monarchy young. Let’s put it this way: she’s a lot cooler than anyone probably imagined. 

“The Queen is very media-savvy in quite surprising ways, and it goes back to her coronation, which was televised,” Nick Kent, executive producer of the new documentary, Queen of the World, told Closer in the magazine’s newest issue, on newsstands now. “It was her idea to do so, as it was her way of saying hers was a new age. And she did it against the advice of the establishment, including Prime Minister Winston Churchill.”

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Yvonne Browne, vice president of the Women’s Institute, also previously told People back in 2015 that “she’s very much in the modern world, and as most grandparents know, if they want to keep in touch with their families these days that’s what they have to do!”

That said, Elizabeth “has unlikely friendships with people decades younger,” Kent noted to Closer. “There’s a real bond between [Prince] William, Kate [Middleton], [Prince] Harry, Meghan [Markle] and the Queen. They’re all very close.” How sweet? We bet Elizabeth also loves spending time with all her great-grandchildren as well!

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Over the past few years, Elizabeth has also mellowed out when it comes to the rules and protocol. “It’s her age,” Ingrid Seward, author of My Husband & I, once shared. “She is easier-going. It’s refreshing that [the royal family] is prepared to bend a bit.” Stay young, Liz!

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