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Really?!Find out Why Queen Elizabeth Won’t Be Celebrating Her Sapphire Anniversary

Queen Elizabeth seems to be breaking the royal rules!

Monday, Feb. 6 marks her Sapphire Anniversary, meaning she’s the first British monarch to serve 65 years on the throne. However, she’ll be “quietly” celebrating this huge milestone, according to People.

Perhaps because that same day is the anniversary of the death of her father, George VI. At the time of his passing in 1952, Elizabeth became queen at age 25. She celebrated her 90th birthday in late April of last year.

queen elizabeth getty images

Elizabeth wearing sapphire on Jan. 8.

Though there are no official events planned, the Queen will allegedly do behind-the-scenes work like reading historical documents. A commemorative set of coins will also be made. Prince William‘s grandmother has also slyly nodded the special honor by wearing a sapphire blue outfit during her first public appearance after a bad cold in early January.

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Royal insiders weighed in on her low-key celebration. “She’s naturally shy and is the opposite of showy,” says royal historian Robert Lacey. “And, of course, the anniversaries of the accession remind her of her father’s premature death.”

“There is only so many of these landmark dates that people will want to mark,” he added. “I’m sure she would rather people were asking why isn’t it being celebrated rather than, ‘Oh no, not another royal anniversary.’ She always plays safe — and that is a good instinct.”

queen elizabeth getty images

Elizabeth at her wedding in 1947.

“The Queen is always wary of the commercial aspects, and doesn’t want to appear ‘on the make’ — though she doesn’t mind if charities use anniversaries to raise money,” he concluded. “She’s got a well-developed sense of not wanting to exploit these royal anniversaries.”

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However, that same rule doesn’t always apply to her personal life! Lacey confessed that he thinks Elizabeth will celebrate her 70th wedding anniversary with her husband, Prince Philip, this November!

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