Royal heartbreak! Queen Elizabeth II is mourning the sudden death of her beloved dorgi puppy Fergus. The Monarch’s son Prince Andrew gave the pooch to his mother as a gift only three months ago, to help lift her spirits when her husband of 73 yearsPrince Philip, was hospitalized in February 2021. Sadly, the 99-year-old died on April 9, and now the queen’s 5-month-old canine companion is gone too.

“The entire situation is very tragic. The Queen is absolutely devastated by Fergus’ passing,” a source told Us Weekly on Wednesday, May 19. The dorgi —  a cross between a corgi and a dachshund — was one of two puppies the royal was given by Andrew, the other being a corgi named Muick.

Queen Elizabeth II Devastated Over Loss Puppy Just 6 Weeks After Prince Philips Death
David Hartley/Shutterstock

Her majesty has had a pack of her furry friends — mainly corgis and dorgis — by her side for nearly all of her 69 years on the throne. But the number had grown smaller as the 95-year-old queen progressed in age. In December 2020, her dorgi named Vulcan died, leaving her with just one remaining pet, another dorgi named Candy.

“The Queen did not plan on getting any new dogs as she feared she was getting too old. But it was Andrew who surprised his mom with two new puppies when she felt down and alone in the Castle after the Duke was taken to hospital,” U.K.’s The Sun reported in February 2021.

Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was hospitalized on February 16 after feeling unwell. He was released one month later on March 16 after undergoing heart surgery. Elizabeth’s beloved husband passed away peacefully at home in Windsor Castle just over three weeks later.

The puppies had given the Queen comfort during Philip’s health crisis and in the days following his death. She has been spotted regularly walking her precious pooches on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Sadly, now she just has Muick and Candy to keep her company on her strolls. It’s unclear at this time what caused Fergus’ untimely passing at such a young age.