To mark the 150th anniversary of the first ever Sainsbury’s store in London’s Covent Garden district, Queen Elizabeth paid a royal visit to a pop up replica shop of the original store on Wednesday, May 22. When she arrived, she was presented with a cute little shopping bag and was given a bouquet of flowers before she stepped foot in the tiny supermarket.

Once inside, the queen learned a lot about the company’s history and how they used to operate back in 1869 when they first opened. According to the Daily Star, the monarch was being escorted by Lord and Lady Sainsbury who later unveiled a beautiful plaque to commemorate the queen’s royal visit.

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“Her Majesty will experience a detailed recreation of an original store, highlighting key moments in time from Sainsbury’s contribution to the development of rationing to the introduction of self-service shopping in the 1950s,” a palace spokesman recently said in a statement, according to the the Daily Star.

While walking around the pop up shop, the queen looked so amazed at the meat display which featured a stack of sausages and various meats on a table. Apparently, it was supposed to show how Sainsbury’s employees used to display the food at the grocery store and weigh them for their customers.

In 1869, the supermarket had initially only sold butter, milk and eggs, but today they sell everything from groceries to clothing and homewares. It’s also the third largest chain of supermarkets in the UK so of course the queen had to pay a visit to the pop up shop.

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As always, she looked stunning in a bright colored coat dress that made her easy to spot once she left the replica of the Sainsbury’s store. She paired her outfit with a turquoise hat and her favorite black handbag.

Even at age 93, the queen still has a lot of style!