Queen Elizabeth Gets Some Fresh Air By Going Horseback Riding Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Nothing is going to stop Queen Elizabeth from going horseback riding around her Windsor Castle estate. While taking a break from quarantining with husband Prince Philip, the 93-year-old threw on her riding gear and visited her favorite horse at the stables on Monday, June 1.

The queen’s outing comes just a few weeks after she celebrated her birthday while social distancing on April 24. Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could not be with her in person, they called the monarch “as soon as they woke up,” a source exclusively told Closer Weekly at the time. “The queen told them all about her birthday and how she’d had a lovely day, despite being on lockdown. She never does anything big for her birthday so it wasn’t too different from her previous ones. As usual, she had her chocolate birthday cake.”

During their conversation, Queen Elizabeth made sure to warn her family about coronavirus. She told them to “continue taking all necessary precautions to stay safe” in Los Angeles, the insider said. “She’s very protective over Harry and often worries about him, but he promised her he’s doing just fine!”

However, the best part about their video chat was Her Royal Highness got to see her great-grandson, Archie. She thinks he’s “the most adorable child,” the source revealed. Seeing him in L.A. “reminded the Queen of when Harry was a baby because they look so alike, although she can see Meghan in him too!”

In late March, the royal couple took a step back from their royal duties. Even though Queen Elizabeth had to take some time to process everything, she decided to support Harry after he met with her for lunch on March 1. “Despite everything that’s happened with Megxit, the last thing Elizabeth wants is for Harry to feel estranged from his family, and she made her feelings clear about this in the meeting,” another source told Closer at the time.

The pair talked about everything from Harry’s struggle with “depression” to his new family. After everything was said and done, Queen Elizabeth decided to trust Harry’s decision. “She told him that he’s always welcome back if he ever changes his mind about living in North America,” the source said, adding. “Harry feels as though a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders since the meeting. It went very well.”

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