At 92 years old, Queen Elizabeth has waved to a lot of royal fans over the years. So, when a group of Australian students once gave the monarch a fake waving hand she was “thrilled” to receive the gag gift! 

“They gave her a stuffed glove on a wooden lever so that you could tweak the end of the lever and this hand went to and fro,” Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, Princess Anne, told author Robert Hardman in his book, Queen of the World, according to People. “I think they thought it was rather cheeky but Her Majesty was thrilled.”

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Though it’s not actually known if the Queen has used the funny fake waving hand in public, Hardman called the present an “inspired invention” and suggested it was probably taken back to Elizabeth’s Balmoral Estate in Scotland to be enjoyed privately by the royal family. 

Last year, a royal source exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly that the British royal family loves silly gag gifts so much that the adults exchange them in favor of expensive presents on Christmas Eve at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate

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“The adults don’t give each other expensive presents. Rather, they delight in handing out silly joke gifts like Mickey Mouse socks or things from charity shops,” the insider revealed. “One year the Queen gave out singing fishes like one she has mounted on a wall at Balmoral, her Scottish home.”

According to other reports, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry once gave the monarch a prank shower cap that had the text, “Ain’t Life a B—h,” printed on it — and the Queen loved it! Princes Anne also once allegedly gave her older brother, Prince Charles, a leather toilet seat during the funny gift exchange. How fun! 

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