To drive or not to drive? That’s a question Queen Elizabeth has been toying with lately.

Here’s a bit of trivia: The 92-year-old is the only U.K. citizen allowed to drive without a license. In fact, she never even had to take a test. Now, after decades worth of experience, the monarch has arrived at a decision about her ability to continue driving.

“The queen has quit driving!” a source exclusively tells Closer Weekly. “She was really shaken up by Prince Philip‘s car crash … and has decided that — at her age — she shouldn’t be behind the wheel on public roads. However, she’ll continue to drive on private estates.”

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Our insider goes on to call the monarch “quite a good driver.”

Earlier this year, the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a scary car accident outside his Sandringham estate. The incident left him “obviously shaken,” but he emerged unscathed. In the other vehicle, a woman was left with a broken wrist but her baby was thankfully uninjured. She received a letter from Philip a few days later in which he wrote that he was “deeply sorry” for what occurred. The 97-year-old gave up his license soon after and, in the end, no charges were made against him.

Another topic of interest that came up as a result of Philip’s accident was the question of why he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. As it turns out, royal family members buckle up on a case-by-case basis. This is because not wearing a seatbelt could actually be the safer option for them sometimes.

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“There are always anomalies,” Simon Morgan, a former royal bodyguard, explained. “In the threat and risk matrix, it’s a matter of looking at each individual situation to decide what is the best way of achieving what needs to be achieved.” For instance, he explained, quick entry or exit is easier when you’re not buckled up.

Simon noted that it’s essentially up to personal preference. He added: “Protection is a very unique area of policing and there are a lot grey areas, but you are always judging each situation to weigh up the risks and threats with the outcomes you are trying to achieve.”

Stay safe out there, Queen Elizabeth!