It seems like some of Queen Elizabeth‘s rules were meant to be broken — but only by the monarch herself! Belfast-based Blogger Laura-Ann Barr was given the surprise of her lifetime when Elizabeth accepted her sweet gift, a bouquet of flowers, at her royal garden party at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, May 29.

After scoring a ticket to the annual event, Laura-Ann brought gorgeous pink and white flowers to thank Her Majesty for the sweet invitation. However, the social media guru was told that “she would not stop to accept them as it’s not protocol,” she explained to People. To Laura-Ann’s pleasant surprise, the queen did the exact opposite.

In a video captured by the blogger’s mom, Elizabeth can be seen stopping in front of Laura-Ann as she made her way through a long line of fans. Before smiling and thanking the blogger for complimenting her pink ensemble, Elizabeth graciously accepted the bouquet of flowers then handed them off to one of her ladies-in-waiting. The two exchanged a handful of words and the queen kept going.

Just moments after, the lady-in-waiting approached Laura-Ann and said, “It might be easier for me to carry them, and the queen can have them when we’re indoors.” Laura-Ann was told that, at best, “her lady-in-waiting might spot them and accept them on her behalf,” she explained to the outlet. “I think they were very shocked when it happened!”

Laura-Ann even dished that her experience with the queen was once in a lifetime. “The security staff congratulated me and said they were surprised she stopped and accepted the flowers,” she happily shared. “They said that had not happened ever before.”

The mom-of-two, who has previously met Kate MiddletonMeghan Markle and Prince Harry, knew flowers would be a great way to grab Her Majesty’s attention. Laura-Ann revealed that she and her mother even chose their spot on line strategically.

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“We were one of the first people through the gates, and so had our tea and cakes straight away and went straight to the entrance of the royal tea tent, knowing she would walk this way,” she explained to the outlet. “While everyone was sheltering from the rain in the normal tea tents, mum and I stood for over an hour at the entrance of the royal tent with our umbrellas up patiently waiting, hopeful we would have the best chance of seeing her up close and possibly meeting her.”

She sweetly added, “There were 8,000 people there, and I honestly couldn’t believe my luck. I was just in the perfect place at the right time.”

Elizabeth’s garden party on May 29 marked her third for this year. The final garden party will take place at Holyroodhouse in Scotland on July 3.