In a YouTube video that has now gone viral, a British father gets emotional after seeing that his teenage son passed math. The video shows Farnoosh Shahrokhshahi overcome with emotion when his son Aria shows him that he received a “C” in math.

Aria had gotten an “F” for the September 2012 marking period and had managed to pull up his grade to a “C” by Jan. 2013. Although the video was shot over 6 months ago, Aria just posted it to YouTube this week.

Farnoosh talked to “TODAY” about his reaction to the report card saying, “Basically, Aria has always found math difficult. To go from an F to a C is a huge jump. I was just overwhelmed, absolutely overwhelmed.”

When asked what his reaction would be if Aria manages to make a “B” or an “A” in the coming year, Farnoosh joked, “I will have a heart attack.”

Check out the endearing video below.