If you love Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott, you probably think you know everything about them. After all, they’re on our TV screens every day with their popular HGTV shows Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, and Brother vs. Brother.

But despite their hypervisibility, they’re both strangely mysterious. How long have they been in the renovation business? Where are they from? Who are they dating? We have so many questions! Fortunately, the video below gives you a quick rundown of everything you wanted to know about the Scott brothers, including nerdy facts you probably never knew.

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Probably the most surprising thing about the twins is their intellect. Not only is Jonathan a member of Mensa, Drew is also super smart.

“In high school, I excelled at problem-solving and calculating so much that I actually completed the various grades of math in just two weeks each,” Drew said in 2017.

In addition to being the “smart guys,” they’re both no longer single either. Drew proposed to his girlfriend, Linda Phan, in December 2016. Sorry, ladies!

“The hardest thing was to try and keep [her] from knowing that it was coming,” he said in March 2017. I had to use an old email that I haven’t used in years. I had to have Jonathan calling friends. I was hoping she would say yes, and she did. When you find a girl like that, you want to keep her.”

As for Jonathan, he’s been married before, but he got a divorce.

“We were young, and there was a rush going into it,” Jonathan said earlier this year as his reasoning for why the marriage didn’t work out.

However, he’s found love recently and is now dating producer Jacinta Kuznetsov. Aww!

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