Collectively known as the Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott are in the midst of developing a new comedy series for FOX, which, if you think about it, could potentially be the perfect companion piece to the recently-resurrected Last Man Standing. Rather than a three-camera show in front of a studio audience, the idea is that this would be a single camera filmed series. The Property Brothers comedy series will be called It Takes Two, which is also the title of the memoir on their life.

In describing the evolution of the guys, NPR offered what might be a description of the show itself: “The Property Brothers have now branched out — they have a couple other shows, they make home decor, and they’ve got a new business designing luxury houses in Las Vegas. They have, as you might say, hustle. In their new memoir, It Takes Two (also the name of an Olsen Twins movie), you’ll learn that one of the Property Brothers — Jonathan, the renovator — used to be a magician, and the other one — Drew, the real estate broker — was an actor. They did know how to build and sell houses because they’d started doing flips when they were in college to support themselves while they tried to get into show business. In other words, they were performers who used home renovation to get on TV, not home renovators who were discovered at the lumber yard like Lana Turner at the soda fountain. I should stress: They are open about this. There is no Property Brothers mythos in which they were just regular guys fixing up houses when suddenly somebody said, ‘You know, you’re a couple of identical hams with good hair; have you ever thought about TV?'”


(Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images)

In a conversation with Smashing Interviews, Drew commented, “Jonathan and I as kids were very driven. We started up a business at seven, or we had different little ventures we were doing. We were always putting on plays. We realized we loved entertaining, so we would put on shows and musicals and plays and write our own songs for plays. Then as we carried it into a business life after we graduated high school, we started investing in real estate. Now we run several companies, and it’s just amplified in a different way. But we love it. There’s still that little Jonathan and that little Drew inside of us that continues to always say, ‘Go after it. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something if you’re passionate about it.'”