What star wouldn’t want to play Princess Diana in The Crown Season 3? The Netflix megahit is introducing the late royal in the upcoming season — and Hollywood actresses are dying to snag the iconic role. “The competition is fierce!” an insider recently told In Touch. “Actresses are lining up and will do whatever it takes. Some have already sent audition tapes of themselves in full Diana regalia to show [creator] Peter Morgan and [casting director] Nina Gold.”

So far, the frontrunners are Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike, Sienna Miller, and Keira Knightley. “But lesser-known actresses want the part, too,” the insider continued. “Whoever lands it will be catapulted to a whole new level of fame.” Naturally, stars are vying for the competitive role.

princess diana engagement photos

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Not only will they land a part on the Netflix hit — they’ll be immortalized as portraying the beloved princess. Season 4 of the series will feature Diana more prominently in the main storylines. It was previously announced that Claire Foy‘s role of Queen Elizabeth will be replaced by Olivia Coleman and Vanessa Kirby’s role of Princess Margaret will be replaced by Helena Bonham Carter.

“Not only are we casting real-life characters,” Nina explained to Vanity Fair, “but as we get closer to the present day, many of these people are very much alive. So we have to honor them by picking the right actor to play them — while making a link between the actors who played these characters in the first seasons… When we cast Claire and Vanessa, they had done loads of really good work, but they weren’t very well-known to this kind of worldwide audience — which was great, because they totally owned the characters without too much baggage.”

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