More to the story. Witnesses will give shocking new insight into Princess Diana’s untimely death on the Monday, September 23, episode of Dr. Phil.

“This person that was inside the tunnel has never spoken about Princess Diana’s death — until now,” Dr. Phil McGraw says in the teaser for the upcoming episode with journalist Dylan Howard and former homicide detective Colin McLaren.

“The paparazzi caused the incident — it’s provable — but that’s not the case,” Howard tells McGraw.

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Howard and McLaren teamed up to write the new book Diana: Case Solved: The Definitive Account That Proves What Really Happened, which details new evidence about the night of Diana’s 1997 death.

In Us Weekly’s exclusive excerpt from the book, the mystery man driving a white Fiat Uno that investigators believe clipped Diana’s car, sending her into the Pont de l’Alma tunnel, is identified as Le Van Thanh.

“Our new research has shown that the paparazzi were not to blame in Diana’s death, and that it was instead a case of someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time,” the passage reads. “We have found that on the night of her death, the $123,000 Mercedes that carried Diana and others was capable of easily out-accelerating every single vehicle that the members of the paparazzi were driving. In short, there was no neck-and-neck chase, as such a thing was an impossibility. The mass of photographers could not have kept up with her car. Period.”

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Howard, who interviewed Thanh for the book, previously told Us that “Le Van Thanh is the one person who can unlock the conspiracy” surrounding Diana’s death.

The late princess shared sons Prince William, now 37, and Prince Harrynow 35, with her ex-husband, Prince Charles.

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