Royals, they’re just like us! Even if Prince William is recognized all over the world, it doesn’t automatically mean that his son, Prince George, thinks he’s a cool dad. In fact, it wasn’t until William revealed a bit of his past as a RAF search and rescue pilot that little George decided his dad wasn’t just a boring future King after all.

According to People, the 36-year-old revealed how he finally managed to snag some “street cred” with his firstborn during a speech he delivered on Thursday, June 21. “I have been the Patron of the DNRC for four years and I have enjoyed every single moment of it,” he said at the official unveiling of a new state-of-the-art rehabilitation center for injured servicemen and women.

prince george

“Along the way, I have demolished a building — George was at an age at the time that he loved seeing the digger in action, so it did my street cred as a father a world of good.” How adorable! We’re happy to know that William and George have something to bond over.

Beyond their shared love of planes and demolition, both princes have a few other things in common. For starters, William and George share the same zodiac sign — Cancer! George’s 5th birthday is on July 22, while William’s 36th birthday is on June 21.

Secondly, after the birth of Prince Louis, Prince George knows what it means to have a little brother, just like his daddy! Of course, George has been a big brother for quite some time now. His sister, Princess Charlotte, has gotten so big that she’s able to wear George’s hand-me-downs.

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