The royals can seriously do no wrong! Prince William and Kate Middleton are doing their part to promote Anti-Bullying Week, which runs from Nov. 12 through Nov. 16 in the UK. The couple visited the BBC in London on Thursday, Nov. 15 to view work the network has done as part of the Taskforce on the Prevention of Cyberbullying.

While visiting the BBC, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with those who wrote and performed in a campaign video called “Stop, Speak, Support.” The campaign is a code of conduct on what you should do when one witnesses internet bullying. It was initially created by a panel on the Taskforce but is now being run by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

The royal couple also met with parents and children who have been overseeing the “Kids Online Wellbeing App,” the latest tech application developed by the BBC. During the visit, the Duke explained that his interest in minimizing cyberbullying stems from his fear that “technology companies still have a great deal to learn about the responsibilities that come with their significant power.”

William, 36, also gave a speech on cyberbullying, highlighting the positives of social media platforms. “I say this not in anger,” he began. “Again, I believe our tech leaders are people of integrity who are bringing many benefits to our lives and societies.”

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“I am very concerned though that on every challenge they face — fake news, extremism, polarization, hate speech, trolling, mental health, privacy, and bullying — our tech leaders seem to be on the back foot. Their self-image is so grounded in their positive power for good that they seem unable to engage in constructive discussion about the social problems they are creating.”

William and Kate have shown interest in combatting cyberbullying in the past and are still continuing their efforts in the present and future. William’s passion for wanting to end cyber-bullying led to the launch of the Taskforce in 2016. “I convened the Taskforce because I was a new parent,” he said. “And I saw that my friends and peers were seriously worried about the risks of the very powerful tools we were putting in our children’s hands.”

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