As the phone hacking trial continues for the now-defunct newspaper News of the World, jurors were read transcripts of private voicemails Prince William left on then-girlfriend Kate Middleton's phone in 2006.

In the various messages, William refers to his future wife as “baby” and “babykins” and reveals that he was almost shot during an army training exercise.

At the time, the Prince was training at Sandhurst military academy and attempted to meet up with his bride-to-be.

The tabloid, owned by Rupert Murdoch, is accused of illegally intercepting the voicemails, the first time they allegedly hacked a direct link to a royal.

Prosecutors used the example of William's near training accident to support their accusations.

In the message, William says, “Hi baby. I had a busy day today again. I've been running around the woods of Aldershot chasing shadows and getting terribly lost, and I walked into some other regiment's ambush, which was slightly embarrassing because I nearly got shot."

"Not by live rounds but by blank rounds," the Prince adds, "which would be very embarrassing though.”

In January of 2006, News of the World printed a story entitled “William shot in ambush.”

The prosecution also read transcripts revealing William’s various nicknames for Kate. In one, William says, “All right, baby, lots of love, um, speak to you soon,” and in a different message, “oh, my little babykins! I hope you are all right.”

The paper is also accused of hacking the phones of several other celebrities, including Sienna Miller, and families involved in high-profile murder cases.