Rest in peace. Prince Henrik of Denmark has sadly passed away at Fredensborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. Prince Henrik was surrounded by senior members of the Danish royal family including his wife, Queen Margrethe, and sons Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim.

The palace confirmed his passing early Wednesday morning Danish time in a statement, which read, “His Royal Highness Prince Henrik died on Tuesday, Feb. 13, at 11:18 p.m. quietly at Fredensborg Palace. The Prince was surrounded by Her Majesty the Queen and their two sons.”

Prince Henrik officially retired from his royal duties in January 2016 and has struggled with ill health ever since. The 83-year-old’s condition started deteriorating in September 2017 when he was diagnosed with dementia following a slew of erratic behavior and controversial comments made about The Queen. “Following a longer course of investigation, and most recently, a series of examinations conducted during late summer, a team of specialists at Rigshospitalet has now concluded that His Royal Highness Prince Henrik suffers from dementia,” the palace explained at the time.

“The diagnosis implies a weakening of the Prince’s cognitive function level. The extent of the cognitive failure is, according to Rigshospitalet, greater than expected for the age of the Prince, and can be accompanied by changes in behavior, reaction patterns, judgment and emotional life and thus also affect the interaction with the outside world. As a consequence of the diagnosis, the Prince will further downgrade his activities in the future,” the statement read.

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This post was written by Bella Brennan. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.