When Prince Harry‘s baby boy, Archie, was born on Monday, May 6, he didn’t wait to tell his loved ones in person. Instead, he texted his family on their WhatsApp group chat to share the joyous news.

“Me, my brother, and then a few of Zara’s side like her brother Pete and the cousins are on WhatsApp groups,” Zara Tindall‘s husband, Mike Tindall, told the Daily Mirror. I wouldn’t say we’re cutting edge, but it’s just easier for some reason on WhatsApp.”

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Although Mike didn’t name every single person whose in the royal family’s group chat, we’d bet Prince William, Princess Beatrice, Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie, and Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, are in it, too.

Mike probably used WhatsApp to congratulate Harry on the new baby and to give him parenting advice since he and Zara have two kids — Mia Tindall, 5, and Lena Tindall, 10 months — of their own.

“He’ll be a great dad,” Mike recently shared to The Telegraph. “Obviously, he’s godfather to Lena, but we’ve got a great group of young ones in the family now. Lena and obviously [Prince] Louis are similar ages and Mia’s sort of in between [Princess] Charlotte and [Prince] George, and then you’ve got Peter’s children Savannah and Isla who are just a little bit older.”

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Looks like baby Archie will have a bunch of playmates to spend time with at Frogmore Cottage. If there’s one thing we’re excited to see, it’s how Harry and Meghan’s child will grow up and become the splitting image of them.

“Everyone says that babies changed so much over two weeks,” Harry previously shared. “We’re basically monitoring how the changing process happens over the next month, really. His looks are changing every single day.”

Baby Archie’s birthday should be a national holiday! We would definitely celebrate it.