During a visit to London’s Mildmay Mission Hospital earlier this week, Prince Harry reminisced about his late mother, Princess Diana, with patients who knew The People’s Princess prior to her tragic death.

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prince harry

Prince Harry with Kerry Reeves-Kneip at Mildmay Mission Hospital.

While touring the hospital, Harry, 31, met a woman, now 26, who had previously spent time with Diana as a two-year-old patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the early 1990s. “Your mother’s lap was so comfortable and I cuddled into her,” she recalled to the royal, who sweetly replied, “I remember that too.”

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Prior to her death from a car accident at age 36 in 1997, Diana helped break down the international stigma surrounding HIV by often interacting with HIV-positive patients during hospital visits. According to Us Weekly, Harry similarly spoke with at least 26 patients — and was spotted holding their hands and cracking jokes — while touring Mildmay Mission Hospital on Monday, Dec. 14.

princess diana

Princess Diana meeting an HIV-positive patient in 1996.

“[Diana] gave a lot of love and comfort to the people here,” the hospital’s Director of Fundraising Kerry Reeves-Kneip reportedly told Harry of his mother. “She was absolutely incredible.”