What a year it’s been for the British royal family! Prince Harry and his first cousin Princess Eugenie got engaged just two months apart, so many royal fans were worried about the many reports of a family feud. And now, according to the latest by the Daily Mail, Eugenie is trying to make her wedding just as extravagant as Harry’s May nuptials were by inviting more guests!

The news outlet reports that Eugenie and her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, have added 250 people to their guest list. While 600 guests were invited to Harry and Meghan’s May 19 event, more than 850 have allegedly been invited to Eugenie’s Oct. 12 wedding. The problem? St. George’s Chapel where they will wed (Harry and Meghan wed there too) only sits 800 people. That said, extra chairs will reportedly need to be brought into the chapel!

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It was also previously reported that Eugenie and Jack had to move their wedding date from September to October to accommodate Harry and Meghan. “Eugenie and Jack are keen to tie the knot quite quickly, and there certainly wouldn’t be any issue as regards the booking of the chapel given who her grandmother is,” a royal source told The Daily Mail. “But the issue is that some members of the royal family already have commitments in the diary. There is nothing concrete yet, but it looks as if Eugenie and Jack will go for October instead,” the insider said at the time. Clearly the ended up changing it!

Before allegedly reconciling for the sake of their nuptials, Eugenie and her sister, Princess Beatrice, had a problem with Harry and Meghan’s engagement after it was announced. “This is nothing new, but now they’re taking their frustrations out on Meghan. They didn’t like Kate [Middleton] because they saw her as common, but that’s nothing compared to how horrified they are at Harry marrying an American actress! They’re sniping that their grandmother is letting the family go to the dogs by allowing this,” one royal insider said. “Beatrice and Eugenie are not about to welcome Meghan with open arms and it’s a real shame. If they gave her the time of day they’d actually like her but they’re determined to make her feel ostracized and refuse to have anything to do with her.” 

However, according to a past report, there is “zero competition” when it comes to the weddings of Harry and Meghan and Eugenie and Jack. “It is complete love, and there is room for all of them,” a source told People in a recent interview. “They’re all really happy.” We’ll see about that come Oct. 12!

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