It’s no surprise that while on tour or during appearances, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry receive a plethora of gifts. But have you really ever wondered what happens to all the gifts that they are given? Sure, in a perfect world, Meghan and Harry have a ginormous room in their home dedicated to every gift that they have ever been given, but could you imagine how big that room would actually have to be?

So far while on tour in Australia, Meghan and Harry have been receiving gifts as we all expected. These presents range from flowers to handmade posters and cards, and now, toys for their baby that is expected to arrive in the spring. Meghan and Harry’s usual routine is accepting the gift, saying “thank you,” and then handing the present to a member of their entourage who typically walks through the crowds of what we imagine probably feels like millions and millions of people (just by looking at the pictures!)

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So what happens to it all? According to the royal family’s official gift policy, a few things can happen to the gift. This may surprise you, but in order for a gift to be accepted and used, it must be worth less than £150, or $276. If not accepted, the gift may also be kept in storage for up to five years. Depending on the goodie, Curators of the Royal Collection can choose whether or not they want to incorporate the gift into their holiday displays. The gift can also be donated to a charity or organization, and unfortunately, it may even be thrown in the garbage. In case that shattered your hopes of ever giving a gift to a royal family member, the curators want you to know that each item is thoroughly considered.

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We love to see all the thoughtful, fun, and creative presents that admiring fans gift Harry and Meghan during their appearances. One lucky boy, Gavin Hazelwood, recently had his day made by the Duchess when she adorned her dress with a homemade necklace the six-year-old created himself. The necklace was crafted with black and white ribbon and embellished with gold-painted pasta. Other gifts that have been given to Harry and Meghan during this tour include organic carrots from baby food manufacturers, Nourishing Bubs, and a jar of Vegemite. How interesting!

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