How naughty! Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped out for a royal engagement in their namesake city of Sussex, England on Wednesday, Oct. 3 and, according to reports, the 34-year-old hilariously high-fived kids at the event who skipped school in order to see him and Meg! 

While greeting the crowds outside Westbourne House School in Chichester, Harry allegedly told a group of students, “You’ve got a very, very similar school uniform to the one I had when I was at Wetherby School in London, all those years ago. Are you on a school trip?”

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“Sort of,” one of the young boys replied, according to the Daily Mail, to which Harry asked, “Sort of?” Then a 10-year-old student named Tom Symington reportedly exclaimed, “We’re missing double Latin!”

“What, because you are here?” Harry allegedly told Symington before enthusiastically giving him a high-five for skipping class. He then told the student, “The fact that you got off double Latin because we are here. I think that’s fantastic,” before allegedly adding, “Although education is important!”

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Later, Harry spoke with the students’ teacher, Charlotte Sleep, who reportedly told the Duke of Sussex that her pupils not only ditched class that day but got out of taking an exam, too! “They’ve missed their Latin test which they’re happy about,” she allegedly told the royal. “But they’re keen to get back for football this afternoon!”

During their chat, Sleep also gave Harry a guide her students made for him and Meghan to help them during their first visit to Sussex. “They made you the A-Z to help you with your travels around Sussex, an A-Z about where to go, what to eat, and what to do. And we’ll be quizzing you at the end!” she told Harry, according to the Daily Mail. How cute!

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