He was proposed to in Australia, and it seems the love for Prince Harry stretches all the way to New Zealand too.

He arrived Saturday morning – his first time visiting the country – to a traditional Maori welcome, which involves placing your forehead against each other in a greeting that is traditional to the island nation.

prince harry new zealand

As well as being greeted by thousands of fans, the 30-year-old was adorned with gifts before settling in to watch a rugby match between the Hurricanes and Sharks at Westpac Stadium in Wellington.

The Prince has spent the last month with army units in Australia, where, last week during an appearance at the Sydney Opera House, an adoring fan donned a plastic crown and popped the question, before planting a kiss on the shocked prince’s face.

Harry, polite as always, responded with a coy smile and told her he would think about it.

prince harry maori

The 30-year-old will spend a week in New Zealand where he will continue to learn about traditional Maori culture and travel to the country’s most southern point – Stewart Island.