OMG!: Is Ellie Goulding Pregnant With Prince Harry's Baby?!

Getty Images

Is Prince Harry going to be a dad?!

Rumors have recently swirled that British singer Ellie Goulding is pregnant with the royal's baby — and a brave reporter recently confronted the star to ask if the gossip was true!

Harry and Ellie in September 2014. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

"Please don't let me go red," the 29-year-old songstress replied when asked if she was carrying Harry's child. "I'm bright red. Why did I have a feeling that was going to come up? You naughty people!"

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Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Ellie and Harry, 32, were "courting" and recently "all over each other" at a party. Only time will tell if the two are really an item!