The adorable Prince Harry has already set standards for men all around the world — and he just raised the bar even higher. The Duke of Sussex has reportedly been documenting Meghan Markle‘s pregnancy by taking photos of his gorgeous wife.

Despite royal admirers wanting to see all the presumably alluring photos that Harry has taken so far, Kensington Palace did give us a tiny glimpse into the royal photoshoots. Posted to Instagram, Meghan can be seen cradling her baby bump while surrounded by large, gorgeous trees. Talk about aesthetic! See the captivating photo below.

“Harry’s always been a keen photographer and artist,” a source told Life & Style of Harry, who’s always wanted to unleash his creative side. “It’s something he’s really passionate about.” The dad-to-be how now has all the more reason to channel his inner Annie Leibovitz!

It’s clear that Harry is basking in the glory of Meghan’s pregnancy considering the ginger-haired hunk has always dreamed of being a father. “The pregnancy is such a special milestone for Meghan and Harry, and he doesn’t want to miss a moment of it,” the source dished. “He’s already taken pictures of Meghan holding her bump in a variety of places, including Kensington Palace Gardens. This album is going to comprehensively cover the whole nine months!”

Getty Images

Meghan and Harry’s little bundle of joy is expected to arrive in Spring 2019, which means there’s plenty of time for Harry to up his snapshot skills even more. In fact, he may even be prepping for an upcoming project that the Duke has planned himself. “Harry has joked that he’d love to take a nude pregnancy photo of Meghan,” said the insider. “Right now she’s saying no way — but she may change her mind!” You never know what Meghan will decide because love can make you do crazy things!

Regardless, we hope Kensington Palace shares more of Harry’s snapshots because we love seeing the beautiful Duchess as she experiences her first pregnancy — almost as much as Harry!

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