With the royal wedding a matter of weeks away, preparations for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s nuptials have stepped up a gear – and yes, that means that the planning for Harry’s bachelor party is well underway. So where will the venue be?

According to a new report in Vanity Fair from Katie Nicholl, who recently authored the new biography Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, Harry has asked his brother, Prince William, and best friend, Tom Inskip, to oversee the arrangements, with the latter tasked with finding a suitable location for the festivities.

Tom, who is known as “Skippy” amongst his friends, was apparently spotted at a boutique hotel in Mexico last week, which could prove a potential venue for the event. “Tom is in charge of finding the location,” a source told Vanity Fair, explaining that the Prince has a specific set of criteria.

“It has to be somewhere they won’t be found and a place they can completely take over,” they said. “Tom was checking out this fabulous place in Mexico last week and he loved it. It might be a step too far for everyone to go to Mexico but it’s one of the places on the wish list.”

William, meanwhile, has reportedly been asked to ensure that things don’t get too wild. “Harry is a lot tamer and less of a party boy these days,” a further source told the magazine. “Meghan has really calmed him down. He smokes less, although Meghan hasn’t yet managed to get him to quit smoking. And he doesn’t drink as much. He’s determined that there will be no repeats of Vegas on this [bachelor party].”

Though William previously joked that his younger brother “hadn’t asked him” to be best man, we can safely assume that he will play an important part in wedding preparations. While it was previously reported that Meghan enjoyed a low-key bachelorette party at Soho Farmhouse at the start of March, it seems that was just a preamble.

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The royal-to-be has apparently enlisted her friend Markus Anderson to plan her event. “It is going to be fabulous, glamorous, and every exclusive,” a source close to the Soho House consultant revealed. “Marcus knows some wonderful venues, [but] saying that, I bet he’ll keep it simple and close to home.”

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This post was written by Katie Rosseinsky. It originally appeared on our sister site, Grazia Daily.