Don’t worry, it’s not a glitch! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to unfollow everyone on Instagram — and by everyone we mean Kate Middleton, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth and more. However, they explained their reasoning in a new post shared to their official account on Thursday, August 1.

“Each month, we change the accounts we follow to highlight various causes, people or organizations doing amazing things for their communities and the world at large,” they said. “For the month of August we look to you for help. We want to know who YOUR Force for Change is.”

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Harry and Meghan asked their 9.2 million followers for help because they wanted to make sure they were engaging their fans on social media in the best way possible. “Over the next few days please add your suggestions into the comments section: someone you look up to, the organization doing amazing work that we should all be following, an account that inspires you to be and do better (or that simply makes you feel good), or the handle that brims with optimism for a brighter tomorrow,” they wrote.

Harry and Meghan explained to their fans that they’ll only be picking 15 accounts to follow and will start doing so on Monday, August 5, which is very similar to what they did in May.

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Shortly after they joined Instagram, they told their fans they’ll be following different accounts every month. “To pay tribute to all of the incredible work people across the globe are doing in this space, we are hoping to shine a light on several Instagram accounts that promote mental well-being, mental fitness, body positivity, self-care and the importance of human connection — to not just hear each other, but to listen,” they said at the time. “Please go to our homepage and click ‘following’ to see each of the select accounts and find out more about their work.”

Harry and Meg are so awesome!