When a student called Prince Harry “handsome” during his most recent visit to Tokyo, Japan, on Saturday, November 2, he couldn’t stop thinking about his lovely wife, Duchess Meghan.

In a video that was shared by The Royal Family Channel, Harry could be seen taking a group photo with a bunch of school kids when one of them leaned over and called the Duke of Sussex “handsome.” After that compliment was made, Harry lifted up his left hand, pointed to his ring finger and jokingly said, “I’m married.”

Prince Harry

The prince’s response made him quite popular with the children because everyone burst out laughter. Even though Harry had a great time with the kids, he was actually in Japan for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, which was won by South Africa.

“Tonight was not England’s night, but the whole nation is incredibly proud of what @EnglandRugby have achieved over the past few months,” he wrote via Instagram about England playing South Africa for the World Cup finals. “Hold your heads high boys, you did an outstanding job and we couldn’t have asked more from you.”

“To the whole of South Africa — rugby unites all of us in more ways than we can imagine, and tonight I have no doubt that it will unite all of you. After last months visit, I can’t think of a nation that deserves it more. Well done and enjoy! Arigatu gozaimasu Nihon,” he continued.

Prince Harry

Harry was just in South Africa with Meghan and his son, Archie, for their royal tour in late September. Apparently, their trip was so great that it brought the royal couple “even closer” together as husband and wife.

“Meghan and Harry’s trip to Africa was better than they could’ve ever imagined,” an insider previously told  Us Weekly. “It’s brought Harry and Meghan even closer.”

Harry’s latest trip to Africa was the first time that he went there with his wife and his son. Even though they were there to adhere to their royal duties, Harry and Meghan didn’t expect their trip to forever change the dynamic of their family.

“They’re calling it a life-changing experience,” the source admitted.

We’re so happy for them!