It seems as if though Prince George’s doppelgänger has been discovered, albeit accidentally , and they seriously look alike!

John III’s godfather, innocently posted a pic of the 2-year-old on Reddit , pointing to the cover of HELLO! magazine featuring the royal prince with his baby sister, Princess Charlotte.

He captioned the adorable pic, “My godson thinks he’s Prince George.” Immediately, the image went viral, propelling the tiny tot to instant fame, with everyone claiming the two boys could easily pass as twins.

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prince george lookalike

HELLO! caught up with the father, John, and finally found out how the now-viral image came to be. He shared, “We walked past the magazine in Walmart on Sunday and I thought to myself, ‘we’ll get back to that because it was funny.’ When I came back I grabbed the magazine and he said, ‘Hey look that’s me!’ So, then I gave it to him and I snapped a couple of pictures.”

And if you’re wondering if the whole thing was staged, think again.

The father added, “I didn’t realize until later that he pointed at it. It wasn’t set up or anything. I sent it to my niece and nephew and he posted it on Reddit and it just went from there.”

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The similarities don’t end there! Both of the boys are roughly around the same age, have a regal name, and John III’s parents also live in London — well, London, Canada!

But this isn’t the first time his parents have been told their son looks like the Prince, John shares, ” I don’t see it that much, but people have come up to us and said our son looks like Prince George. They tell my wife all the time when she’s out with him.”

prince george having fun

Prince George playing around with his mom, Kate Middleton.