It must be hard being a royal, especially when fans shame your Christmas tree decorations! Prince Andrew shared a picture of the tree in his Buckingham Palace office via Instagram on Sunday, Dec. 9, and some of his followers immediately poked fun at the decorations — or the lack of, as they pointed out!

While royal things tend to always be magnificent and over-the-top, according to fan’s opinions, Andrew’s tree in Buckingham Palace does not fall under that category. But who’s to say it’s still not beautiful? Take a look at Andrew’s tree below.

Though some royal admirers adored the understated tree, others began commenting on the Duke of York’s post expressing that the decorations were far too sparse. “Pretty tree, but the decorations look off — need a bit more balance,” one follower wrote. “All that money and the Christmas tree looks empty. Not enough lights, not enough decorations. That is a poor person Christmas tree,” another harshly wrote.

The festive picture shows the large fir tree standing tall in front of extravagant red drapes in his office. The beautiful tree can be seen scarcely adorned with blue lights and just a few ornaments.

Getty Images

While many pointed out the lack of embellishments, others questioned why the 58-year-old didn’t garnish the top of the tree. “Why nothing on top?” one fan asked accompanied by a sad face. “Why not a star or angel on top?” another inquired.

However, not all comments were negative. In fact, many praised Andrew for his austere decorations. “Just right. Not too much, not too little. Tall and ready for Christmas,” one fan gushed. “Just a simple, be still Christmas tree is so pleasant to look at… so beautiful,” another fan wrote.

Andrew’s tree is just one of many that decorate Buckingham Palace around Christmastime. In a video recently shared to the official Royal Family Twitter account, three extremely impressive fir trees can be seen being installed by royal staff in the London Palace’s Marble Hall.

According to the video, hundreds of lights are wrapped around the trees, which are decorated in a “royal style” using Royal Collection Christmas decorations. The magnificent trees were grown in Windsor, England and taken to the palace in early December.

Whether or not Andrew is planning to compete with the other palace Christmas trees, we’re not sure. However, we do know that the Prince is expected to celebrate the holiday this year with Queen Elizabeth’s family at Sandringham, according to the Daily Mail. It is assumed that Andrew will attend the festivities along with his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, as well as Eugenie’s new husband, Jack Brooksbank.

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