We love a royal with a sense of humor! Pregnant Duchess Meghan Markle has all eyes on her as her mysterious due date approaches, and we love seeing her in high spirits, laughing it up with fans and followers. On Wednesday, Jan. 16, Meghan visited Mayhew, a London-based animal welfare charity, where she met an adoring fan who had some words for the 37-year-old about her growing baby bump.

“Lovely lady you are,” care home resident Peggy McEachrom said to the former Suits actress upon meeting her. The sweet exchange was captured in a hilarious video tweeted by The Sun‘s royal correspondent Emily Andrews. “May the good Lord always bless you. And you’re a fat lady!” Take a look at Meg’s perfect response below!

Meghan’s natural response was joyful laughter, and you can just tell in the video that she’s thrilled with Ms. Eachrom and her adorable comment. “I’ll take it,” she told the sweet woman happily before moving on to the next person she was meeting.

Technically, yes, Meghan has put on a pound or two since her pregnancy was announced, but it definitely seems like all baby and no baby weight. Since the Duchess’ belly fully popped, she has been rocking it on full display and we love the confidence. But then again, she is married to Prince Harry, so we’d probably be feeling the confidence too.

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In fact, Meghan was looking particularly radiant when she and Harry, 34, made a visit to Birkenhead, England on Monday, Jan. 14 in a red and purple ensemble, complete with her adorable bump. Even her all-black Christmas look had us all raving about how much Meg has been glowing since her belly really started to form. Let’s be honest, her royal outfits have only gotten better as her pregnancy develops. We didn’t even know that was possible!

We seriously love how candid the sweet Ms. McEachrom was with the Duchess and we could tell she really appreciated it. Besides, what’s better than someone you can laugh with?

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