Is Ellen DeGeneres retiring from TV? If her wife, Portia De Rossi, has her way, she might be!

According to a new report, Portia, 42, wants the comedienne, 57, to give up her gig as host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to instead focus on their marriage and home life.

portia de rossi and ellen degeneres

Ellen and Portia on The Ellen Show in October 2014.

“Ellen’s contract is up in 2017 and she has told her staff that she does not know if she is going to renew it. Everyone on the staff is just freaking out over this,” an insider revealed.

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The source added, “[Portia] asked Ellen to not renew her contract so that she can be a better wife to her. She told her that she needs to focus on her family.”

portia de rossi and ellen degeneres

Ellen and Portia in March 2014.

The TV personality — who is worth an estimated $200 million — was named host of the popular daytime talk show in 2003, one year before she began dating Portia. The couple later married in August 2008.

“Ellen does not need to do the show anymore because she has more money than God. And Portia told her that she has already interviewed everyone there is to interview and the act just seems to be getting old,” the insider said.

Radar Online first reported this story.