A new muse! In a recent interview with Page Six, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe revealed that he has been inundated with requests from patients to look like Ivanka Trump after her father, Donald Trump, kicked his presidential campaign into high gear last year.

According to Dr. Rowe, the “Ivanka” is characterized by “widened cheekbones, a slender nose and large eyes.” So far, he has received a whopping 50 requests from NYC women who are hoping to achieve the 35-year-old first daughter’s aesthetic. Dr. Rowe told Page Six that there are two ways to accomplish that: by non-invasive procedures or by getting the “permanent Ivanka.”

If you don’t want to commit to Ivanka’s beauty for life, you can simply get temporary fillers and Botox, which will cost you between $2,500 and $4,500. But if you’re ready to go all in, patients can get a combination of cheek implants and rhinoplasty, which costs between $30,000 and $40,000.

“I never saw [anyone wanting Ivanka’s face] before the primary,” the surgeon said, adding that Ivanka’s face has inspired as many surgeries as lip icon and cosmetics queen Kylie Jenner‘s. “Since the summer of ’16…[it’s been] maybe four a month; one a week.”

But Dr. Rowe believes that it’s not just Ivanka’s good looks that patients are after. “Maybe they just like the look, but also that [Ivanka’s] a powerful woman, self-confident, part of the first family,” he said of the businesswoman and University of Pennsylvania graduate. “Do they want to be her? Yes, deep down, maybe.”

While Ivanka has the face du jour, Dr. Rowe did mention that he has had zero requests from patients to look like the stunning blonde’s famous father. “No, I’ve never had anybody come in and say, ‘Make me into a Donald!’” he assured.