A wonderful memory. Robin Williams was of course known for bringing nothing but smiles and laughs to everyone’s life — and that’s exactly what he did on Grammy Awards night in 2013 for singer Pink.

The hitmaker was up for two coveted awards that special night, but didn’t come out a winner as Norah Jones would end up taking both. However, while it was a tough loss, the now 40-year-old recalls that the legendary comedian made things all better.

“I was with Carey [Hart], and I was holding on to his arm so f–king tight because I wanted it so bad,’ the performer told Billboard of that night. When awards didn’t come her way, the actor — who was sitting in front of her — got to work with a 15-minute stand-up routine.

Robin Williams
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“He made fun of everybody that walked by,” the songwriter told the outlet. “He was so compassionate and lovely to me that it ended up being one of my favorite moments of my career.” In fact, Pink is now glad she didn’t walk away with any accolades that night.

“I was so glad I f–king lost,’” she revealed. “My Grammy would be sitting down at my guesthouse collecting dust, but I have the memory of Robin Williams being an amazing person.”

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It should come as no surprise to hear that the Oscar-winner went out of his way to cheer someone up, as he did it many times before — including to Christopher Reeve after his tragic horse accident. “Robin felt partially responsible for not having done enough to save his friend [John] Belushi, so when he entered the hospital room for Christopher, he dressed up as a German doctor. He had a thick accent,” columnist Rob Shuter recalls in the doc, Robin Williams: When the Laughter Stops.

“He insisted that Christopher Reeve turn over and have an exam, a proctology exam,” Shuter continued. “Reeve was really, really surprised. He couldn’t figure it out. Then, he finally realized this was his mate, this was Robin Williams. The two of them had a great laugh, maybe the first laugh since the accident occurred.”

Robin passed away to suicide in 2014 at the age of 63. We will never forget his kindness.