Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is often lauded for her incredible talent, winning an Academy Award and being nominated for two more.

But the 40-year-old is ready to take a step back and hone her skills behind the camera, to further her craft in filmmaking.

“I want to build what could be my future in cinema, not always being in front of the camera,” the brunette beauty recently said. “I’d also like to direct a feature, maybe 10 years from now.”

penelope cruz

Cruz with Cameron Diaz in 2013’s “The Counselor”

For now, Penelope is practicing by directing commercials and video-clips. “I love that,” she said, “it’s the best way to learn. I want to go slowly, step by step. I’m following the whole production process very closely, from the film’s inception.”

The star also opened up about her challenging role in the new film Ma Ma, which she’s also producing. In the drama, she plays Magda, a mother trying to overcome tragedy.

“Maybe, she battles for things because all sorts of things happen to her,” Penelope said of her character. “She’s optimistic. But her pace and energy are different.”

penelope cruz

Cruz with husband and fellow actor Javier Bardem

The mother-of-two added, “Acting interests me a great deal more than playing someone very much like myself. The further away she is from me, the more possibilities that offers as an actress.”

She told, “That’s acting — the beauty of risk, facing up to the unknown, placing yourself in the skin of someone you invite into your life for a time, someone who isn’t you.”

Penelope was last seen in the 2013 film, The Counselor, co-starring husband Javier Bardem.