Paul McCartney isn’t one to hold a grudge…at least when there’s no good reason to. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, cover boy McCartney opens up about his decades-long feud with John Lennon’s widower Yoko Ono.

The duo have famously had a tense relationship ever since Lennon married the Japanese artist with many believing that Ono was the reason that The Beatles split up in 1969.

But McCartney appears to have no ill will towards his late band mate’s partner, calling her “a badass” to the mag. "I thought, 'If John loved her, there's got to be something. He's not stupid,” McCartney says. “It's like, what are you going to do? Are you going to hold a grudge you never really had?"

It was also advice from the late George Harrison that helped McCartney forgive and forget. "George would say to me, 'You don't want stuff like that hanging around in your life.'"

Maybe finding love with wife Nancy Shevell softened the rocker’s heart? After all, his new album called “New” was inspired by his relationship with Nancy.

But McCartney admits that there is one person who he'll never be able to forgive, and that is Mark David Chapman, the man who murdered his best friend.

“I think I could pretty much forgive anyone else. But I don't see why I'd want to forgive him,” shares McCartney. “This is a guy who did something so crazy and terminal. Why should I bless him with forgiveness?"

paul mccartney and nancy shevell