Patrick Duffy wants some peace in his old age! He and girlfriend Linda Purl may live a great life of constant change and travel, but sources exclusively tell Closer he’s tired of the frenetic pace she insists they keep.

“They don’t seem to stay in one place for long. In the last month or two, they’ve been to Mexico, Tokyo and New York,” says an insider. “It’s too much for Patrick, and he wants to relax and settle down.”

Ever since the Dallas star, 75, began dating the Happy Days alum, 68, in 2020, they’ve kept themselves incredibly busy — as documented on Linda’s Instagram, which shows various photos and videos from their adventures.

As recent as Monday, June 17, Linda posted another picture of the two sporting masks as they traveled, captioning the post, “Early out… on the road again,” with a dizzy-eyed emoji.

Patrick is barely keeping up, says the source, but he’s too nice of a guy to put his foot down. “Living out of a suitcase can be tiresome especially when you’re 75, like he is,” the insider explains. “But this is clearly the way Linda wants it and Patrick’s going along with it.”

Linda Purl and Patrick Duffy
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Making matters worse, Patrick gave up his scenic ranch in Southern Oregon when it sold at auction for $5.75 million in December 2023. “When he put his Oregon ranch on the market, he thought they’d be content living at Linda’s house in Colorado, but she’s got him jumping from one place to another,” says the source, adding that the constant getaways have them spending “wads of cash.”

Reveals the insider, “He’s always been quite frugal!”

However, it appears to be something Patrick would never admit. In a joint statement from Linda and Patrick to Closer, the couple says, “We are very much in love and looking forward to celebrating our fourth anniversary, later this month in Colorado. Grateful for health, our boys and dear friends.”

Still, Closer‘s source insists that Patrick is “not used to this high style living,” adding, “They’re eating out all the time, and he wants plain food occasionally. It’s been years of this back and forth. The constant jet-setting is all well and good, but they don’t sit still, and he wants to pick a place and stay there.”

Prior to his relationship with the Matlock actress, Patrick was married to Carlyn Rosser from 1974 up until her death in 2017.

It was during the COVID-19 pandemic when Patrick and Linda began getting close to one another. Although the two were casual friends in the past, they lost touch over time but reconnected when they were put into a group text chain with mutual pals.

After getting to know each other on a deeper level, Patrick “loaded up [his] car and drove 20 hours,” he explained to People in 2020, until he arrived at Linda’s home. “[I] ended up on her doorstep just to see if it was real,” he shared. “We haven’t been apart since.”

“I’m in an incredibly happy relationship,” he added at the time. “I never thought for a minute this would happen again. I never thought I’d feel this way again.”