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Pamela Anderson’s Kids Grew Up So Fast! Meet the Actress’ Sons Brandon and Dylan

Pamela Anderson‘s controversial marriage with ex-husband Tommy Lee made headlines for all the wrong reasons, but the Baywatch alum and model is grateful to have experienced motherhood. Despite the volatility of their relationship, Pamela became the loving mom of their two amazing sons, Brandon and Dylan.

“They’re great kids. I’m really fortunate because it could have been a disaster,” the actress shared during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in May 2015. “I’m so proud of them. They’re such gentlemen … they spoil everybody rotten. And they spoil me rotten! They’re just real sweethearts.”

Pamela and Tommy’s romance goes back to 1995 when they first met at a Hollywood club on New Year’s Eve, according to E! News. The Home Improvement star and the Mötley Crüe cofounder married after just days of knowing each other, and in 1996, they welcomed their eldest son, Brandon. Their youngest, Dylan, arrived the following year in 1997.

Pamela and Tommy’s marriage was over by 1998 when the blonde bombshell filed for divorce shortly after the birth of their second child. Following their split, the Playboy model took some time off from her Hollywood career to focus on being there for her boys.

“I didn’t really take too many acting jobs after I had babies. I thought, ‘How can I sustain myself by doing as little as possible, but not taking jobs for purely money and be able to have a meaningful life?” she once told Contributor magazine.

Pamela eventually jumped back into the spotlight, and before she knew it, her own boys were following in her famous footsteps. Now that Brandon and Dylan are all grown up, they’ve started establishing their own careers in showbiz. Even though being the sons of Pamela and Tommy can be challenging, Brandon and Dylan don’t let their parents’ superstar statuses define their own success.

“My upbringing has given me the motivation to work extra hard to reach my goals,” Dylan once told CR Fashion Book. “Sometimes it can feel like you’re in the background and only known as so and so’s son, but my parents instilled me with a strong sense of self, so I know I can make my own mark.”

Pamela explained about how grateful she is that her sons turned out to be the fine young men they are in light of their parents’ flaws in her January 2023 memoir, Love, Pamela. “Brandon and Dylan are true miracles, considering their gene pool. They have been through so much, yet they are not full of holes,” she wrote.

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