A protective father. Ozzy Osbourne joked he’s a little bit “skeptical” about believing in ghosts when he discussed his son Jack Osbourne‘s new paranormal TV show called The Osbournes Want to Believe.

“I’ve always kind of taken it with a piece of salt. I can’t really say I’ve actually seen a ghost,” the dad of six said on the Thursday, July 30, episode of The Talk. But once Ozzy, 71, saw a video Jack, 34, showed him of some supernatural activity, the “War Pigs” rocker said he “couldn’t believe it,” which prompted Carrie Ann Inaba to ask, “Are you a believer now?”

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne
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“Skeptical, but leaning towards it,” Ozzy jokingly replied. However, Jack couldn’t say which one of his parents was the bigger skeptic because his mom, Sharon Osbourne, doesn’t exactly believe ghosts exist. But she has had “two out of body experiences” that she’ll never forget.

“I had one when I had pneumonia as a kid. And, I also had a really bad lung disease at the same time and I was out of my body. The next time was years later. I was in hospital and I was having a blood transfusion. I was sick and I can remember everything they did to bring me back,” Sharon, 67, explained.

The British TV personality remembered “hovering again” out of her body and “looking at the room” with the doctors. “The doctor said to me, ‘I’ll do anything, just come back, come back.’ When I saw the doctor the next day, I said, ‘You’ll do anything? I want an ice cream’… He was looking at me like, what?”

Jack and the rest of Sharon’s cohosts were very surprised by the producer’s story. When it came time for Ozzy to share, he said he did have an “out of body” experience before, but it was only because he wasn’t sober.


“I had a lot more than two but it was chemically induced,” the “Paranoid” singer joked, which caused everyone to laugh.

Looks like the family’s new show, The Osbournes Want to Believe, will be a very interesting program. The first episode airs on Sunday, August 2, on the Travel Channel.