When the 90th Academy Awards aired on Sunday, March 4, many people pointed out that two beloved Hollywood icons, Adam West and Glen Campbell, were left out of the 2018 Oscars "In Memoriam" tribute. The annual segment featured 48 stars who passed away in the last year, but Batman star Adam and singer Glen were not included in the emotional video montage.

Understandably, many fans of the late stars were not happy about their exclusion. "Absolutely outrageous that the #Oscars missed Adam West in their 'In Memoriam' section. He redefined Batman, headlined the first Batman film, and was a film star before that. He truly deserved to be there!" one person wrote on Twitter. Other viewers pointed out that Adam (who passed away at age 88 in June 2017) and Glen (who died in August 2017 at 81) were surprisingly not the only people absent from the tribute video.

"Since the #Oscars forgot Della Reese in their 'In Memoriam' segment, I will include her," someone captioned a black and white photo of the late jazz and gospel singer on Twitter. Another person similarly wrote, "You omitted Dorothy Malone from your 'In Memoriam' — OSCAR WINNER Dorothy Malone… I have no words." Actors Powers Boothe, John Mahoney, Bill Paxton, Miguel Ferrer, Robert Guillaume, Jim Nabors, and Rose Marie, as well as director Tobe Hooper were also omitted from the segment.

A recent [Vanity Fair](https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/02/oscars-in-memoriam-filmmaker-warren-miller?mbid=socialtwitter)_ article explained that The Academy worked to create a three-to-four minute 2018 "In Memoriam" video that included only 40 to 45 names from a list of nearly 800 people who died in the last year. "It's all about status. It's impossible to be fair. You try, every year, to add in a certain number of editors and art directors. It’s about a person's prominence in their field, and you don’t want to just go with the movie stars or the big-time directors," an Academy source told the outlet.