Oscar nominee June Squibb won't shy away from some celebratory champagne if she wins big at tonight's ceremony!

The 84-year-old tells Closer she'll "probably have a lot of champagne" if the night goes well! But the potential downside? "Then I think I would have to get up in the morning and start doing publicity with Paramount," she laughed.

The actress, who is up for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Nebraska, shared with Closer that she doesn't have a speech prepared, but may jot one down before the big night.

"I have thought about what I want to touch on, I don’t have it written down. Maybe before Sunday I’ll get nervous and write it down…I prefer to just sort of go with it."

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As any award season nominee can attest, the red carpet appearances start to add up by March. So does the star have any secrets to getting ready for a carpet?

"Great hair and makeup person," Squibb sincerely tells Closer. "Without that, I’m telling you, it would be disastrous if I were doing it all the time. I have a stylist and so she really is there for me all the time."

And now that those countless red carpets are wrapping up, the actress has some serious plans to decompress after tonight.

"Well I hope to sleep," said Squibb. "But after that, my son and his girlfriend and I and another friend of mine are going to Hawaii. They decided I needed a vacation."

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