It’s no secret Oprah Winfrey has struggled with dieting throughout her life — but by age 61 the media mogul admitted she was at her “wits end” with unsuccessfully trying to lose weight.

“I was really at my wits end. I had tried everything,” the TV star confessed during a Q&A session for Weight Watchers — a weight loss program Oprah joined in October 2015 — members on Wednesday, Jan. 27, according to People.

“Every other time I’ve ever gone on a diet, I’ve gone on a diet and then gone off the diet, because I had gotten to the weight I’d wanted to be,” she continued. “The difference is, I’ve [now] made the shift [to Weight Watchers] and this is the way I’m going to live for the rest of my life.”

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Since joining the weight loss regimen nearly four months ago, Oprah has shed 26 pounds — a success she credits to Weight Watchers’ emphasis on members reaching out to others in the program’s community for support. “The fact that you have the courage to come together in a community to give voice to it, and speak to the universe, I think that’s brave and powerful and I think that’s why Weight Watchers works,” she said.

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Oprah in November 2014 (left) and December 2015 (right).

“We’re smart people who have done a lot of good things in our lives, and then there’s this one thing, this one flaw, that we have that everyone can see,” Oprah added. “So if you’re an alcoholic you can hide that, or you’re a drug addict you can hide that, if you’re a gambler you can hide that, if you’re a shopping addict you can hide that, if you work too much you can hide that. But if you overeat, it’s hard to hide that.”